Brooks Ghost Review (2022): A Dependable, Neutral Running Shoe

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  • You have neutral pronation and are looking for a daily trainer that can handle easy long runs and high-volume mileage
  • You want an everyday running shoe that emphasizes comfort but isn’t as plush and bulky as the Hoka Clifton
  • You have tight calves or are prone to Achilles tendonitis and would benefit from a shoe with a steep heel drop

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$130 at Zappos

$130 at Amazon

Keep reading for the Run the Shoes Brooks Ghost review.


Offset: 12mm

Weight: 9 oz (Women) // 9.9 oz (Men)

Price: $130

brooks ghost 14 in black

Notable features

The goal of this review isn’t to tell you whether or not the Brooks Ghost is a great shoe—it is, and many running sites seem to agree. What I hope to do instead is help you determine if the Brooks Ghost is the right shoe for your running needs. First, let’s cover a few defining characteristics of the Ghost.

DNA LOFT Midsole

Of the four midsole cushioning technologies Brooks has in rotation, DNA LOFT is the softest. It’s made of EVA foam, rubber, and air, a combination that yields a soft and not-too-plushy midsole that’s light and durable.

Neutral Arch Support

The Brooks Ghost is purely a neutral shoe, meaning it has no stability features to combat overpronation. (If you are looking for stability shoes, read our guide to the best shoes for overponation.)

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How I tested

I tested this shoe by keeping it in my daily rotation—I noticed how often I gravitated towards it as a choice for my daily runs, and then when I did choose it—which was quite often for easy runs—I noticed how it felt while running, paying close attention to transitions and how it handled different paces and changes in terrain (gravel, dry asphalt, wet asphalt, etc).

What to love about the Brooks Ghost

The first and most obvious thing to love about this running shoe is its comfort. This was apparent out of the box, and though it doesn’t have the ultra-plush feel that draws me to Hoka One One shoes, the Ghost’s soft cushioning is certainly up there. It has a wide toe box, a breathable engineered mesh upper, and a very sturdy heel collar that reminds me of an tempurpedic pillow. The outsole rubber has a good grip and feels durable, which bodes well for the shoe’s longevity. I found the Ghost to yield a smooth ride, have good traction on rainy days, and be quite flexible.

What not to love about the Brooks Ghost

There are two things that I didn’t love about the Ghost: it took me a few runs to wear the shoes in, and I didn’t love the steep heel-to-toe drop. I prefer shoes with a toe drop of around 5-7mm, and the Ghost’s 12mm offset took some getting used to. High heel drops are best for runners who have tight calves and/or are prone to Achilles tendonitis, so if you fall into this camp, the 12mm offset might be appealing to you. The last thing to note about the Ghost is that it is quite a heavy shoe and not great for speed workouts.

The bottom line

The Brooks Ghost 14 and its previous versions are tried-and-true everyday trainers that are great for beginners and seasoned marathon runners alike. It’s a shoe for neutral pronators who are looking for a piece of durable footwear that will get them through plenty of miles on a variety of terrain. I hate using the phrase “no frills” but that’s exactly what the Brooks Ghost is—a simple running shoe that can get you through many easy miles.

$130 at Zappos

$130 at Amazon

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